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"Jericho's approach combines innovative thinking with practical implementation. Coaching at UKTV is now much more accountable to business needs, and individual goals are more clearly linked to the direction in which the entire business is seeking to stretch."

David Abraham, then CEO of UKTV now CEO of Channel 4


Organisations need leaders
Jericho Partners work with global, national and local organisations to enhance their leadership, increase their performance and strengthen their resilience.

Our partners and associates have a track record of successful leadership in a variety of organisations and functions and are experienced coaches, consultants and facilitators with proven professional competence.

We work directly with individuals, and with teams and groups to catalyse change and improve their leadership performance. Our Coaching Audit process provides insight into the strategic effectiveness of current coaching spend, and into how to get greater return from it. And our supervision expertise is available to support individual coaches, developers and managers or to support your provision of internal coaching and mentoring schemes.


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