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Team Coaching

Why don't teams fulfil their potential for high performance?

Teams offer the possibility of performance that is greater than the sum of the individual members, a possibility which is rarely realised. Increasing complexity creates challenges that demand the multiple experiences and skills of teams. But for teams to work effectively members must be willing and able to move beyond individual performance to a shared sense of purpose and mutual accountability, with deep trust and true commitment to each others' growth and success.

Unlike team building away days, team coaching focuses on the real work of the team, directly impacting on the team's performance. It aims to increase the capacity of the team to coach itself, enabling high performance to be sustained despite changes in membership and environment.

Team coaching:

  • contributes directly to organisational success and the achievement of team goals;
  • values and builds on the diversity of experience, skills, style and approaches in the team, rather than seeking conformity to a 'model';
  • facilitates group dynamics, enabling an appreciative and challenging climate in which members can give their best, moving the team to higher levels of performance.