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"Working with Mike as my supervisor delivers a wealth of learning: clarity of thought, overcoming blockages and creating new perspectives, wisdom and a guiding hand, greater awareness within client relationships, and nourishment for the soul. This relationship is integral to my professional practice and personal and spiritual outlook."

Steve Rawson, Director, Lettoch Associates

Coaching Supervision

How effective are your coaches?

Many companies now invest heavily in coaching, providing external coaches for their leaders, developing a cadre of internal coaches and mentors to support leadership development, and training managers in coaching skills and processes.

Our Coaching Supervision programmes enable organisations to increase the value they get from this investment.

Individual coaches and coaching managers will improve their coaching, develop new choices when "stuck", become more skilled at resolving ethical dilemmas, and learn new skills and frameworks.

The organisation will benefit from:

  • more effective coaching practice in the organisation;
  • greater organisational learning from collective themes emerging across the coaching relationships;
  • more effective selection, management and monitoring of external coaches operating within the organisation.