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" When you think you are performing well, and genuinely believe you are keeping pace with the best of your peers, it is not an obvious time to elect for personal coaching. Working with Dr Mike Munro Turner really helped me gain deeper insight into achieving higher quality results, especially in those too-frequent times of peak workload. Definitely time well spent! "

Bill Stubbins, CIO Akzo Nobel

Leadership Renewal

The view of what constitutes good leadership in business organisations has changed radically in the last decade. From often formulaic consideration of the traits that good leaders show, the competences they need and the behaviours they should adopt we have moved to a more integral consideration of how leaders are how they successfully bring their whole and unique selves to others to create insight, inspiration, vision and change. From an expectation that leaders know or find out the right way to direct the organisation we have shifted to recognition of their role in shaping meaning for the organisation.

We see the work of the leader as being to inspire and catalyse renewal in the organisation they lead. This is more than leading change in which the knowing leader gives direction and motivates followers. Renewal is tending to the health of the organisation, renewing the organisations mind-set and capabilities so that it remains open and flexible and can respond intelligently to rapidly changing market and social conditions. Renewal provides the energy for growth and development in individuals and organisations. We propose that the ability to lead renewal over time comes from a secure personal practice that renews the leader and keeps them growing. If they become stuck, if they dont renew, they will lack the capability to adapt in response to new conditions and needs in the organisation.

Good coaches help leaders be more effective in meeting their current leadership challenges. They work to help leaders see their impact and to bring their real selves to the leadership task. But that is only the first step. Our real work lies in encouraging a practice that enables leaders to keep flexing, moving in response to changing life conditions and being open to being different. We see our role as being to foster this personal practice so that leaders renew themselves and their leadership over time.

We help leaders develop the ability to be themselves with skill.