Jericho Partners
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Strategic Partners

The OCM and Jericho Partners have come together in a strategic partnership to offer a wider range of services to their clients. Jericho provides individual and team coaching to OCM clients in senior leadership roles whilst OCM provides learning resources for Jericho clients, including access to OCM's online and face-to-face coach/mentor training.

Jericho Partners has developed a strategic partnership with 3gHR to extend our capabilities. By partnering with 3gHR we can help our clients build integrated solutions accessing their range of organisational consulting, talent management processes, leadership and personal training, in addition to a portfolio of on-line tools.

Community Partners

Individual partners of Jericho Partners are also involved with a number of other organisations:
Mike the Mentor

Mike's alter ego Mike the Mentor runs this website which provides a wide range of useful coaching and leadership resources. You can also subscribe to his quarterly newsletter there.
Green & Away

Mike is a trustee of the charity Green & Away which runs the only tented Eco-conference centre in Europe. It attracts organisations that work for social and environmental renewal, and other organisations wanting to make positive changes.
The Dale View

The Dale View in Kerala is a Community Based Voluntary Organization that has been working at the grass root level in fields like agriculture, education, the disabled, natural resources management, de-addiction treatment and employment. Stephen is an active supporter and fund-raiser for the organisation.