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"My coaching experience with Jericho has provided a point of challenge to enable me to keep moving forwards in my own development. I would not hesitate to recommend Jericho"

Sue Scates - Consulting Vice President UK, Ireland and Israel

Individual Leadership Coaching

Could you be a better leader?

Leaders create the future for their organisations, their teams and themselves. Jericho Partners' coaches provide the framework, support and challenge that leaders need to create and share a vision of future success, accurately navigate through emerging opportunities and risks, generate inspiration and nurture healthy growth. We use a coaching methodology which focuses on harnessing existing strengths and removing barriers to success to deliver real, visible and sustainable improvement in performance.

Our coaching is embedded in client organisations. Our Live 360 Feedforward process (more) Live 360 Feedforward is an interview based process which provides detailed insight into the leader's current impact and identifies the specific changes the leader could make to increase their positive impact with their stakeholders, play to their strengths more effectively, and remove their barriers to success. The process also creates a climate for successful change by engaging stakeholders in the coachee's change process and by helping them notice when the new behaviours are exhibited. ensures that the coaching delivers real organisational value. We can help senior executives become effective coaches themselves, bringing out the best in all who work with them and sowing the seeds of a coaching culture in the organisation.

Leadership is about finding your own personal and authentic style. Our coaching provides the framework, support and challenge to do just that.