Jericho Partners
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"Jericho's approach combines innovative thinking with practical implementation. Coaching at UKTV is now much more accountable to business needs, and individual goals are more clearly linked to the direction in which the entire business is seeking to stretch."

David Abraham, then CEO of UKTV now CEO of Channel 4

Coaching Consultancy

Is your business getting value from its investment in executive coaching?

Jericho Partners work with your business leaders, HR team and internal and external providers of coaching and mentoring to give you the return on your investment that your organisation needs. Every organisation is different and we will work with you on the issues that are most valuable right now, whether that is to review your current provision of coaching, set up or support coaching and mentoring teams, develop coaching strategies or work with your overall talent development approach in support of key strategic capabilities.

Outcomes from the coaching consultancy enable:

  • reduced overall spend on coaching;
  • quality assurance of your coaches and management of providers;
  • development of coaching and mentoring capability in your organisation;
  • alignment of coaching strategy with organisational strategy;
  • measurable impact on business metrics.